Click here to listen to tracks from the 16-Song CD, Charlestown, released by The Immigrants on Railway House Records in 1994.


The Ocean Breathe

Click Here to see The Ocean Breathe video on our YouTube Page.

The Immigrants

The Immigrants

The Immigrants are an underground band consisting of Bill Sheridan on guitar and his brother, Dan, on drums.

Jackie Boy

Jackie Boy - Video

Click Here to see Jackie Boy video on our YouTube Page.

The Immigrants

Enterprise Ride

Click Here to see Enterprise Ride video on our YouTube Page.

Jack Lynch

Dedication Page

The Immigrant website is dedicated to our great-grandfather, Jack Lynch, an Irish immigrant killed on the job in a NYC sewer on August 26, 1908. Click here to read article in the NY Sun.

Immigrant Drum Stick

The Different Drummer - A Drummer's Blog


Reminiscing about The Ocean Breathe

May 19, 2020: Sitting at my drum kit, pen in hand, notebook on the snare-drum as my desk, I try to scratch out the lyrics and figure out the drum chart to this new song Bill played for me – The Ocean Breathe. I’m all alone in the rehearsal studio. Next door, the speed metal band is thundering away...


The Ghost

Drew Friedman & The Drummer Poster

March 6, 2014: I sent a request to Drew Friedman for permission to use his copy of The Different Drummer poster. For years and years, this poster hung in our rehearsal space while working on songs for our band, The Immigrants. It sat behind my Gretsch drum-kit. I tried to be The Different Drummer...


Jefferson and Poe

Charlie and My Gretsch Kit

May 19, 2019: Back in 1990, when I looked around the music shop at all the drum sets on display. What’s that little drum set way up on the shelf collecting dust? An old Gretsch kit. I picked the loneliest, saddest looking drum set in the store. It looked like a neglected pup that needed a home...


Columbia Journalism Review

Buddy Rich & Gene Krupa

May 5, 2020: Last night, I found this video of Buddy Rich from 1943 playing with Tommy Dorsey – an inspiration to go back to those dang rudiments – two sticks, a drum pad, and spastic: LRLL RLRR LRLL RLRR. Damn that Buddy Rich rudiment book! The bane of my existence...


Combat jeep

Larry Mullen, Jr. and my Black Tama Kit

My black Tama drum kit - I wanted to be just like Larry Mullen, Jr., the drummer in U2. I saw Larry in a video on MTV. He was playing 16th notes on his hi-hat, drumsticks buzzing in a blur, fast as a humming bird’s wings, sitting perfectly still while making quick snaps to the snare drum....


Rubicon Trail

A Drummer's Blog

February 8, 2010: For the first time in 5 years, The Immigrants played once again. Where did all those years go? My trap case where I keep my snare drum and sticks, was a time capsule back to 1994, old set lists to clubs around Boston – The Rat, The Middle East, and The Causeway...



Immigrant Drum Stick


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The Immigrants

These newcomers sport an intriguing sound with an incantatory edge not too far short of compelling...

The Immigrants

Their melodic instincts are quite keen and the vocalist's phrasing is original and chuck full of irresistible hooks. The next Morphine?

The Immigrants

Amazingly unpretentious music from this duo... if you like smart pop delivered in a straight forward fashion with no frills or gimmicks, you'll want to check out The Immigrants...

The Immigrants

My favorite tunes here are "Jackie Boy," "Changemaker," and "Shot to Pieces." This here thing goes to show how cool underground music really can be.

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