Click here to listen to tracks from the 16-Song CD, Charlestown, released by The Immigrants on Railway House Records in 1994.

The Immigrants

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The Immigrants

Enterprise Ride

Click Here to see Enterprise Ride video on our YouTube Page.

Murray & Sadie

Murray & Sadie

Click Here to see Murray & Sadie video on our YouTube Page.


Subway Station

Click Here to see Subway Station video on our YouTube Page.


Uptight - Video

Click Here to see Uptight video on our YouTube Page.


The Ocean Breathe

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The Immigrants

Different Drummer

The Different Drummer - Click Here
A Drummer's Blog by Dan Sheridan ~ drummer in The Immigrants.


New Wave Irish-1988

Click Here to read article about illegal Irish immigrants from 1988 by Dan Sheridan, drummer in The Immigrants.


Saving Pvt. Sheridan

The Charlestown CD is dedicated to our dad, Alfred D. Sheridan, and to the veterans of the 90th Infantry Division who fought in World War II. www.SavingPrivateSheridan.com


Jack Lynch

Dedication Page

The Immigrant website is dedicated to our great-grandfather, Jack Lynch, an Irish immigrant killed on the job in a NYC sewer on August 26, 1908. Click here to read article in the NY Sun.

Immigrant Drum Stick


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The Immigrants' 16-song CD - Charlestown

Jackie Boy Enterprise Ride
Changemaker Guy Fawkes Night
Uptight Fear
Shot to Pieces Murray & Sadie
Angina Murray & Sadie
Angela Cliche'
Libel Long Gone
The Ocean Breathe Waiting
Waiting Charlestown

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Immigrant Drum Stick


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The Immigrants

These newcomers sport an intriguing sound with an incantatory edge not too far short of compelling...

The Immigrants

Their melodic instincts are quite keen and the vocalist's phrasing is original and chuck full of irresistible hooks. The next Morphine?

The Immigrants

Amazingly unpretentious music from this duo... if you like smart pop delivered in a straight forward fashion with no frills or gimmicks, you'll want to check out The Immigrants...

The Immigrants

My favorite tunes here are "Jackie Boy," "Changemaker," and "Shot to Pieces." This here thing goes to show how cool underground music really can be.

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